Steam Promotes Key Team Members

Steam has promoted key team members to new positions to accommodate growth. See the enclosed PDF for the full press release. 

Steam Promotes Key Team Members 73.9 KB

Steam Logistics is pleased to announce the promotions of several team members to new leadership positions within the company. Kristina Calhoun, Kristen Rossi, Henry Byers, Barry Grove, and Abe Church have been promoted to the position of Business Development Manager. Additionally, Tate Wilke and Nick Barnett have been promoted to Business Development Director.

“These position changes are driven by our growth and the need to align ourselves for future expansion,” says Steve Cox, Steam’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our three-year growth is tracking at more than 1,900%, and we are getting our teams positioned to handle what we believe will be similar or increased growth next year and beyond.”

“These individuals have shown a demonstrated ability to drive new business, build solid teams, and lead by example,” says Jason Provonsha, Chief Sales Officer. “Those are the key qualities we look for in our leaders here, and this group has shown them consistently. We are excited to see their continued development.”